Bound Grid Properties


Gets/sets the main data source for the Grid control. This property must always be set. Failure to set this property will result in a run-time error.

In the BBGDirPartyTable (Global Address Book) form in the Bound Grid Demo this property is set to the DirPartyTable datasource:

Bound Grid Properties


Because the LogisticsPostalAddress_Primary is a secondary data source with an OuterJoin to the DirPartyTable data source:

Grid Type

Gets/sets the type of grid. Possible values are:

  • Standard
  • Hierarchical Recursive
  • Hierarchical Flat
  • Master/Details
  • Crosstab

The GridType property uses the BBGGridType enumeration.

For CTP1 only the Standard grid type has been implemented.


Gets/sets how many parent level DOM objects have their overflow-x and overflow-y css styles set to hidden. The purpose of this property is to prevent undesired scroll bars from showing up.

In the BBGDirPartyTable (Global Address Book) form in the Bound Grid Demo the Bound Grid Control is inside a group:

Bound Grid inside a group

That group might sometimes display vertical and horizontal scrollbars, if the OverflowHideLevel property is set to 0:

Undesired scroll bars generated by the group

But if the OverflowHideLevel is set to 1, the control will force the group to hide its vertical and horizontal scroll bars:

Bound grid control without undesired scroll bars